RoseAnn V. Shawiak Window Poems

Looking Out A Hospital Window

Looking out my hospital window, I see puddles of rain formed across the desert.
Brown desert dirt being flooded, because the ground can't absorb any more heavenly water.
So calm and beautiful, yet desolate and forlorn, much like me inside, sitting alone in this room, listening to Chopin, wishing I could be home writing.

Nature's Window

A little hollow in the midst of limbs and leaves,
a fragile sparrow sits looking up and down at his surroundings.
Eyeing everything in sight, sizing up some mysterious situation with innate knowledge bestowed upon him.
An intimate look at one of nature's creatures filled

A Window Of Thought

Quaint rainbows of a mind hung with lace,
stately magnificent.

Even though no one else may see through

Unseen Window

Silently aware of nature and humanity as they travel in
the same atmosphere as this poet on a daily basis, pre-
paring for the future in various ways.

Staring Out The Window

Waiting patiently for you to come into my life this
morning, hoping to be made one with your heart.

Having tossed and turned throughout the night with-

Through A Window

Putting life on hold, looking at it as if seeing it through
a window.

Taking the time to acknowledge what you are doing here, or

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