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Some people are sodden
And redundant.
This is a mad carousel -
Mount each vessel

If you hold this heart emblazoned
Past the veiled sonatas you call a home
Then I would much incarcerate every zone
With a fire that emulates from a Stockholm syndrome.

The stars are hoisted
Upon the picturesque azure
And they twine
To craft constellations

Do not look for me.
For I have not yet forgotten.
I have not sent the epistles
To oblivion just yet,

Your hair, a city of chestnut brown
With locks resilient like hands, steady ambidextrous hands
And the chamomile bliss and breeze in the land,
Subtly sit like an orphaned child

I walked with a tiger,
In his own maimed pace
And I found myself

Sitting on a porch
In splendid Paris as the doves
Guffaw and then scour -
We watch them flutter away

Of books that never shall I read,
With a boundless taste to go threading,
Withdrawn from derision of austere pasts,
In the twentieth century decadence and lacking

The crooning
Of the clocks,
The redundant

The zephyr propels the waters back to you,
While it whistles in a symphony of solemn dreams and nights

To the modest mouse,
Whose home, remotely shrouded

I am a fool and I admit,

But today, I wager everything that I own:

This fabricated hollow
A cantankerous exploit
Of white-washed figures
The grotesquerie is present

</>Even the rain subsides
When you thought it wouldn’t,
The torturous, searing rain
Parallel to each other,

Tattered as a cloth used
In wiping an infant’s disintegration
Or the threadbare skirt of an old woman’s


And they think they were invincible.
When they were only specks of light
Among the marred stars.
And they think they were unfathomable,

I knew the account
Of a wolf so hungered
Starved to the bone
By serendipity.

A tulip on her skived lips,
Tucked safely inside the depths
Of her sapid orifice that held
Closely that it has evaded the mundane,

No breed.
Nothing to heed
But the reel beyond
The tub.

Perch atop a windmill kick,
You jovial hummingbird.
Hummingbird dance,
Hummingbird fly.

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Like the thin lines of the Sun, I disappear by the moon light.)

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Again, Again, Again, Again, Again...

Some people are sodden
And redundant.
This is a mad carousel -
Mount each vessel
With an impassive resolution.

You can’t kill a man
Who’s already dead, darling.
You can’t steal something
From a man who owns nothing.

You can’t shatter a man’s soul
When he hasn’t any.
You can’t cut deeper into my skin anymore,
You’ve sifted the flesh from my bone.

Can’t you remember?
I guess some people aren’t only
Redundant and sodden.

They’ve got a bad case of forgetfulness too.

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Kenneth Bisda 04 July 2012

In Waiting is a very outstanding poem because for me it flows really nicely. The description and imagery are so fantastic. I actually enjoyed reading every line of the poem.. You are one of the few poets that rhymes the way you do in such an eloquent way....Definitely worth reading! Job well done!

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