Francis Duggan Woods Poems

Tiger Woods

He is many times over a multi millionaire
And arguably the World's greatest ever golf player
The golfer most young golfers would love to emulate
The legendary sports star and a golfing great

On The Tiger Woods Affair

In the sporting World his is the most photographed face
And in golf he is the one who does take pride of place
His marriage in trouble not an unusual case
But he is not the first male to have fallen from grace.

Oh Take Me To The Woods And Open Spaces

Oh take me to the woods and open spaces in fancy I feel distant from the Town
Upon the wooded hill amongst the bracken that overlook the landscape green to brown
That seem to stretch on miles into the distance much further even than the eyes can see
You like the shopping centres of suburbia the kind of life you like is not for me.

The Woods Around Old Marysville

The woods around old Marysville are looking green again
Though bad memories of the massive fire with the survivors will remain
Of family members friends and neighbours that they never more will see
Black Saturday February the seventh 2009 etched in their memory

In The High Woods Of South Belgrave

In the high woods of south Belgrave the bell miners I can hear
And their bell like notes are ringing and they seem so very near
And the sun is brightly shining on this warm October day
And the red rosella feed her young in hole of mountain gray.

I Love These Quiet Gum Woods

It seems that there is not much life around
And the yellow robin's voice the only sound
But now crimson rosella's voice I hear
He bells on high gum somewhere very near.

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