Words and mists

Words and mists Poems

1. Where Reason Is Not Known 5/31/2013
2. On A Diet 6/3/2013
3. Fool's Gold 6/13/2013
4. Vanity 6/14/2013
5. A Great Quote 6/19/2013
6. An Artist's Words 6/19/2013
7. Coexist 6/21/2013
8. Fear Of Deaths 6/22/2013
9. How Much Your Opinion Is Worth 7/28/2013
10. Poet By Night 6/2/2013
11. How You Going To Survive? 8/16/2013
12. The Good Illusion 7/3/2013
13. The Naked Truth 9/15/2013
14. We Are All Poets 9/17/2013
15. To Be Seen 7/3/2013
16. Time To Drink 8/16/2013
17. Seen 6/24/2013

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Best Poem of Words and mists


To see the colors vividly,
to see the lines forming with light
as the Scapes take shapes.
To see what the sun and moon keep
hidden in their rays; when sparks
sent to earth illuminate wonder
and mystery seems less vague.

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On A Diet

The heart that is overfed is in as much trouble as the underfed.
To be bloated without release, in gaseous restraint remain unmoved
to overflow and become more.
The heart suffers much over-born with what is good.
To give to the world the helpings that would destroy you,
to find a balance that keeps a heart healthy diet better than a box of cheerios,
if you ask me.

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