Xavier Paolo Josh Ledesma Mandreza

Rookie [joshmandreza] (02 September 1977 / Makati City)

Xavier Paolo Josh Ledesma Mandreza Poems

1. Tri-Haikus For A Friend In Need 12/15/2013
2. A Tribute To The Father (Sir Robert Daley) 12/15/2013
3. Hymn To The Sirens (Aquabatix/ Aquabatique/ Aqualillies) 12/15/2013
4. Brooke 12/15/2013
5. The Poem I Knew Nothing About 12/15/2013
6. Remedies 12/15/2013
7. Haiku Season 12/15/2013
8. Venture On The Seas - Scroll One 12/15/2013
9. I Never Wrote A Poem 12/15/2013
10. Searching 12/15/2013
11. Venture On The Seas - Scroll Two 1/19/2014
12. Venture On The Seas - Scroll Three 1/19/2014
13. Heaven 1/19/2014
14. The Poet's Version Of The Philippine National Anthem 1/19/2014
15. Preamble Of A Filipino 1/19/2014
16. Kassidy Cook - Song One 1/19/2014
17. Kassidy Cook - Song Two 1/19/2014
18. Kassidy Cook - Song Three 1/23/2014
19. Kassidy Cook - Song Four 1/23/2014
20. Kassidy Cook - Song Five 1/23/2014
21. No More Chocolate 1/26/2014
22. Sonnet Tribute: Sophie Lee 1/26/2014
23. Sonnet Tribute: Helen Rushby 1/26/2014
24. Sonnet Tribute: Rachel Bugg 1/26/2014
25. Manhood Folly 1/26/2014
26. Compton Zen 1/26/2014
27. Sonnet Tribute: Maricris Medina 1/27/2014
28. In Remembrance Of The Victims Of The August 2012 Metro Manila Habagat Floods 1/27/2014
29. Sonnet Tribute: William Daley 1/27/2014
30. An Artist's Praise 1/27/2014
31. Sonnet Tribute: Benjamin Daley 1/30/2014
32. Sonnet Tribute: Chris Mears 1/30/2014
33. Sonnet Tribute: Brooke Graddon 1/30/2014
34. Sonnet Tribute: Lance Miano 1/30/2014
35. Sonnet Tribute: Nikita Ross 2/1/2014
36. The Acacia Hotel 2/1/2014
37. Sonnet Tribute: Sir Robert Daley 2/1/2014
38. Sonnet Tribute: Jippo Cervantes And Tisha Mandreza 2/5/2014
39. Sonnet Tribute: Jennifer Hillier 2/5/2014
40. Sonnet Tribute: Tricia Alexia Soh 2/5/2014

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Best Poem of Xavier Paolo Josh Ledesma Mandreza

Song Of Charlene

As I stare out the Window
The Sweet Rays of the Sun reminds me of your Glowing Face,

Your Sparkling Eyes resembles
That One Star in the Night Sky
Which catches my Eye.

All of a sudden,
I feel your Hand caress my Shoulder;
Chills run down my Spine as you
Whisper softly in my Ear.

I feel as if,
I was floating in-between the Clouds; Flying-free,
Then I awoke and I realise as I was sitting on my Bed,
That your loving Arms aren't there with me;
That it was all just a Dream and I didn't want to wake up;

And I ...

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Why do you Smile, Little Lady of the Plym?

Is it because, that Everyday, Mister Morning would greet you Hello,
Throwing his Arms around you with a Nice, Warm Embrace?
And when his Cloak grew too Fiery, he wants you to let go,
Saying: 'Well done, Little Girl! Well done below! '

And despite Mister Morning wiping the Tears off your Face,
You still have the Courage to Smile.

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