Xin Qiji Poems

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Chou Nu Er

In days when I was young and didn't know the taste of sorrow
I like to climb the storied tower,
I like to climb the storied tower;
To write the latest odes I forced myself to tell of sorrow.

Zhu Yin Ta

Precious hairpin, broken, halved
At the Peach-Leaf Ferry where
We parted; darkening mist and willow shround the place.
I dread to climb the tower-top stair;

A Seven-Character Quatrain (Qijue)

right and wrong gain and loss each hard to picture clearly
so I began to study wisdom of the ancents willy-nilly
but closed the books I'd double up wth laughter
and have to get up pace the floor and rub my belly

To The Tune &Quot;A Sprig Of Blossom&Quot;

I wrote this for fun when drunk.

a thousand hands held high to heaven
swept along with a torrent of shouts

To The Tune: &Quot; Immortals' Lucky Crane&Quot;

 Plum blossoms

wild goose weather
heavy frost
chill seeps through the window screen

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