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You can achieve everything in your life, only when your mind and heart both are connected to their ultimate. Try one, you may find success but there would be no peace.
life has its own ways just sail over those ways like a surfer on waves.

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Miss You.

Why I think about you
When you don't care of me
To me you are my world
To you I am_____
Coz I don't show my love was due to cause
But today, when I wanna feel you
Why are you hiding
Where are you
Plz come, Wanna see you only once
Plz come plz come
Listen me
This heart has chosen you
My heart is saying something
Plz listen it but when.

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It is not me who is suffering, time is.

Swallow your ego; see, world is waiting for you.

Change itself is a change within a change.

With every smile there is a sarcasm. Whether you created it or it was always there.

life is a one time opportunity, which has been presented. How you take it, define it with your actions.

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Yateen Kumar Popularity

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