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After A Long Time

The earth roaming around its path...

The candle lightening for moth...

Evils And Devils

The vision of me and the mission of you

Whenever understood advantage to move

Kashmiri Satanism

White snow falling like a brightening star

Singers sing playing a baddish guitar

Doubts & Doubts

let's stop the speedy train

crossing syllibus, doubts same

Mea Sharabi

Drinking like an rain water

as wogabond, liking laughtdr

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08 August 2018

Giving his reactions how to glower And his luck beholded him forever

08 August 2018

Don't belive on hardwork until you will respect your tailent

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yasir 12 August 2018

Nice poem yawar keep it up

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Umar bewra 11 August 2018

Nic. Keep it up u r just amazing

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shahrka abstna 07 August 2018

such a blazing young guy proud of you

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The revloutionary minds and the magzines of bharat start from causual mentality.One of the most profound writer of 21st century YAWAR AMIN the authour of a single novel and some urdu and english language poems via a short symbol story and an article writer.
He started his carrier with an poem " GOOD MORNING" whiced lofted him at boun ...

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