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Yor Nella Poems

1. 4-Poster Bed 7/1/2012
2. Creaky Bed 7/1/2012
3. An Ode To Bond 7/2/2012
4. I'M A Drifter 7/6/2012
5. That Blasted Computer 7/7/2012
6. My Precious 7/7/2012
7. Deep Pools Of Love And Mystery 7/9/2012
8. Two In One 7/11/2012
9. My Wife Is A Good Looker 7/14/2012
10. We Slept Till 9: 00am That Day 7/16/2012
11. Postal Greed 7/17/2012
12. Worse Genes Than Levi's 7/25/2012
13. Fond(Ling) Memories 7/27/2012
14. I'M Sure You Are Beautiful So Ebony And Black 7/29/2012
15. Dear Postman Take Care 7/31/2012
16. The Mollusc That I Love 8/4/2012
17. Memories Of Yesteryear 8/5/2012
18. My Valentine 8/9/2012
19. Emotional Roller Coaster 8/12/2012
20. Out Of Step With Love 8/14/2012
21. They Gave Away His Hard Earned Pay 8/15/2012
22. My Creative Wife 8/17/2012
23. To My Mum On Mother's Day 8/19/2012
24. Unforgivable Forgetfulness 8/26/2012
25. Be Thou Mine As I Am Thine 9/7/2012
26. My Nest Is Empty, My Fledglings Have Flown 10/1/2012
27. Many Waters Will Not Quench My Love 10/5/2012
28. I Was Fifteen When My Heart Was First Smitten 10/14/2012
29. My Poems Were Trapped Until....... 12/31/2012
30. Cater And Allen 2/28/2012
31. Triune Love 2/28/2012
32. Dreaming 4/22/2013
33. Erato My Muse Of Love Poetry. (Full Version) 5/1/2013
34. Slipping Even Further The More I Try 5/15/2013
35. When The Butterflies Come Out To Play 7/18/2013
36. Days Of Affluence Have Passed Me By 5/12/2013
37. Young People Are: 5/12/2013
38. I Wanna New One 5/12/2013
39. In That Sweet Moment Our Love Had Begun 4/8/2014
40. _i'Ve Shot The Poet 9/2/2014
Best Poem of Yor Nella

Come Back To Me My Love

My dear, how much I miss
the sweetness of your kiss.
Feeling your lips touch mine
was so wonderfully divine.

Oh, darling of my heart
let us not stay apart
but let's wipe the slate clean
and return to how we'd been.

I don't know what to say
and really rue that day
when I was so unkind
in leaving you behind.

For I'd been so foolish
to cause you such anguish
on that horrible day
when I drove you away.

I'd love to start again
to make up for the pain
and the awful distress
caused by my selfishness.

Come back to me my ...

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Me, You And The Wardrobe

I hid in the wardrobe thinking this will be great
but my timing was wrong and I left it too late.
My plan of seduction had gone wildly adrift
for when you found me hiding there you got so miffed

Up and down the stairs you went looking everywhere
and did not appreciate me hiding myself there.
I'd got it wrong and spoilt the ambience that day
lovemaking's about timing as well as about play.

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