Youmpkang Bapkek S Bright Poems

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The Love Of My Life

My love for you is truly pure 
Your loving face and that allure 
You were a part of my destiny 
So I wish your love stays till eternity 

My Truest Love

People said you are my life 
You are the one that makes me strife 
Truly without you I lose my say 
That is why I don't want to miss you in anyway

Have Mercy Lord

My voice shalt thou hear in the morning 
O Lord; in the morning 
Will I direct my prayer unto thee 
To make embrace and trust thee 

Smooth Life With Critics

Woke up face with fears 
Which the bearer roll down tears 
To nature and human you ears 
Untying your ambition you fear 

God And My Optimism

You makes me to aspire 
For what I desire 
Because I want to acquire 
Why? Because my heart requires


I was naturally boneless 
He gradually boned my flesh 
Which framed me to profess eternity 
That which everyone is striving for 

Definition To Poetry

Man's feelings are spontaneous
And his needs are numerous
How, where and when are they express
Though the culprit sees it as a stress

Letter To My Friends

Hey friends,
I know how far you've walked
I don't know your next move
But I can see how your flowery face has been waxed & battered

Be Christian

You can't keep t'lling the story, be faithful true
Let others see Jesus in you.
While passing thro' this world of sin,
Be clean and pure without within 

Joblessness Is Not A Reason

They stood without shaking
I keep walking without running
They signal without talking
I didn't respond but was walking

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