Yunus Emre

(1238-1320 / Turkey)

Yunus Emre Poems

1. God Permeates The Whole Wide World 9/7/2010
2. Hear Me Out, My Dear Friends 9/7/2010
3. Your Love Has Wrested Me Away From Me 9/7/2010
4. In Case My Friend Does Not Return To Me 9/7/2010
5. We Have No Knowledge Of Whose Turn Has Come 9/7/2010
6. While I Was Roaming The Wide World 9/7/2010
7. Dear Friend, Let Me Plunge In The Sea Of Love 9/7/2010
8. I Used To Yearn For God 9/7/2010
9. It's The True Man Who Leads The Mystic Life 9/7/2010
10. All Men In The Whole Wide World Adore Him Whom We Adore 9/7/2010
11. Go And Let It Be Known To All Lovers 9/7/2010
12. Split My Heart, Go On, Split 9/7/2010
13. I Wonder-Is Anyone Here 9/7/2010
14. Whoever Is Given The Dervish Path 9/7/2010
15. The Drink Sent Down From Truth 9/7/2010
16. Ah Nice Bir Uyursun 10/1/2013
17. Askin Aldi Benden Beni 10/1/2013
18. Bizi Burda Türlü Ta'N Eyleyenler 10/1/2013
19. Bir Ne Derttir 10/1/2013
20. Yalan Dünya 10/1/2013
21. Acep Oldu Halim Bu Ask Elinden 10/1/2013
22. Gayridir Her Milletten 10/1/2013
23. Bir Dürr-I Yetimem Ki 10/1/2013
24. Âskin Odu Düstü Cana 10/1/2013
25. Güzel Kâbetullah 10/1/2013
26. Ask N'Eyledi 10/1/2013
27. Arayu Arayu 10/1/2013
28. Biz Dünyadan Gider Olduk 10/1/2013
29. Gönüller Yapmaya Geldim 10/1/2013
30. Adi Güzel Kendi Güzel Muhammed 10/1/2013
31. Ben O Yari Sevdigimi 10/1/2013
32. Agla Gözüm Agla 10/1/2013
33. Ask Imamdir Bize Gönül Cemaat 10/1/2013
34. Ask 10/1/2013
35. Adem Oglu 10/1/2013
36. Agaç 10/1/2013
37. Ah Nefis 10/1/2013
38. Ah Ölüm 10/1/2013
39. Ahir Zaman 10/1/2013
40. Asik Kendi Kanini 10/1/2013

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Best Poem of Yunus Emre

Knowledge Should Mean A Full Grasp Of Knowledge

Knowledge should mean a full grasp of knowledge:
Knowledge means to know yourself, heart and soul.
If you have failed to understand yourself,
Then all of your reading has missed its call.

What is the purpose of reading those books?
So that Man can know the All-Powerful.
If you have read, but failed to understand,
Then your efforts are just a barren toil.

Don't boast of reading, mastering science
Or of all your prayers and obeisance.
If you don't identify Man as God,
All your learning is of no use at all.

The true meaning of the four...

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I Used To Yearn For God

I used to yearn for God;
If I found Him, what then?
Day and night I shed tears;
If I laugh now, what then?

I was a ball rolling
On the holy men's field;
Now I am a bat on
The sultan's course, what then?

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