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I am currently alive.

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Red looks like the blood flowing through our veins
Red smells like apple juice
Red tasted like the apple in the Snow White's story
Red feels like a piece of fabric


Roses symbolize love
Roses with thorns that tell the pain of lovers
who love each other and yet cannot be together.
Rose buds signifie the prelude of a sweet love.

My Angel

You are my angel.
You watch over me when I go to school
You sat quietly beside me at nights so that I won't be scared


Green looks like the grass that cows and lambs nibble on all day
Green smells like the sweet feijoas ripening in the garden
Green tastes like home made lime flavoured jelly
Green feels like my sister's school uniform

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Keith Sifelani 10 June 2014

You would have replied like that if i was near u. But any way nice poem.

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