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Love Message - Soulmate

What is soulmate does soulmate exist?
myth or truth or somehow it's only an illussion
Meeting a soulmate can happened everywhere it's not impossible.

Truth Of Lie

LIE was never a friend to me,
LIE was my enemy,
LIE was the reason of my failure in life...

Painful Truth Of Love

Oh love'd...

I do everything for you,
I gave my all for you,

I Will Never Let You Go

I couldn't talk how
I feel think It's guilt
that make me down...
I think of you at the same time

Mother You Are The Angel That Watch Over Me

I woke up in the morning with heavy head
I was lazy to get up from my bed
Eyes still closing I stand up and walked
to my dressing table right at the corner next to my bed

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a simple ordinary girl who love's to write about her life experience and sharing some of her little thought that lurking in her mind.

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