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What is soulmate does soulmate exist?
myth or truth or somehow it's only an illussion
Meeting a soulmate can happened everywhere it's not impossible.

LIE was never a friend to me,
LIE was my enemy,
LIE was the reason of my failure in life...

Oh love'd...

I do everything for you,
I gave my all for you,

I couldn't talk how
I feel think It's guilt
that make me down...
I think of you at the same time

I woke up in the morning with heavy head
I was lazy to get up from my bed
Eyes still closing I stand up and walked
to my dressing table right at the corner next to my bed

I don't know how and where from i start.
All i want to say is everybody have a dream in their life.
But not all what we want we've get.
Some are come true some are not and mine are related with love for someone to prove how he mean into my life.

When you lose faith to live always remember that, when you fall there will be someone who will held you from the back.
Someone who will rise you up from falling.
Someone who remember you everyday.
Someone who never forget you and left you behind.

Dont dream of with
open eyes believe in
reality its FATE.
What you are they will

I dont give a damn anymore [[? ]]

You, broke my heart You,
owe me a words of sorry..

Should I stay..
Should I leave?
Should I hate..
Should I love?

Everyday of my life

has been proved shiny and bring luck.

I'm not sure if we fell
in love at first sight.
The only thing i knew
the first time i saw you looked at me, and i looked at you.

Why do i'm missing you,
Why do i fall for you,
Why do i love you,
Why do i care so much about you,

At once upon a time we used to be friends then,
At once upon a time we became a lover and there was..
At once upon a time things change cus we are not like what we used to be anymore.. You left me all by myself alone and wondering where you are the moment when I need you..

Do you still remember?
Do you still remember?
Every memories the two of us
had share each other?

I'll (you) hurt (me) you
I'll (you) make (me) you cry,
I'll (you) never care and
I'll (you) never wanna try to understand you (me)

A night together with you
is something that so incredible to me,
A night together with you
is like a cloud nine to you and me,

Mother, I miss the moment we share laughters and tears together..
Mother, I miss you like the flower miss the sun,
You came into my dream with the smile on your face..
I hold you so tight as Im afraid to lose you.. But no matter how I try to hold on you let go..

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a simple ordinary girl who love's to write about her life experience and sharing some of her little thought that lurking in her mind. http: //

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Love Message - Soulmate

What is soulmate does soulmate exist?
myth or truth or somehow it's only an illussion
Meeting a soulmate can happened everywhere it's not impossible.

As long as both has a strong insight and connection
between a two-person are there.
But how if both get along at each other in unexpected way
will the two realised that they are meant to be as one
that is so-called soulmate.

Does soulmate only do after marriage what about those
who are not married and just get along is there any possibility
that it can be they have found at each other soulmate.

Some people will always deny that they already found their soulmate,
Cus they expected for something better and they keep on searching
for a better soulmate.That is why some of them missing out the
expected thing without realising a soulmate that they've keep searching for all this time is just infront of their eyes.

And the mind that always deny to oneself until they missed the
oppurtunity to know their partner and love ones well cus there are
people who never satisfied they keep searching and searching until
they ditch themselves into triangular love situation rectangular or
square and many shipped-shaped of relationship cus they keep
looking for better a soulmate.

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