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1. Who Says I'M A Poet 7/22/2010
2. Between You And Me 7/22/2010
3. What If Jesus Was One Of Us 7/22/2010
4. My Love Boat You Sank 7/22/2010
5. Reading Changing Lives 7/22/2010
6. Life Goes On 7/22/2010
7. Nightmare 7/22/2010
8. Part Of Me 7/22/2010
9. Cohabitation 7/22/2010
10. Endless Beginning 7/22/2010
11. Even If 7/22/2010
12. For The First Time 7/22/2010
13. For The First Time Not 7/22/2010
14. Hard We Fought 7/22/2010
15. I Keep Going 7/22/2010
16. With Confidence 7/22/2010
17. Out Of Uniform 7/22/2010
18. Analyzing 7/22/2010
19. On Palm Of My Hand 7/22/2010
20. I'M Slam Poet 9/15/2010
21. I'M One In A Million 7/22/2010
22. Finding You 7/22/2010
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Finding You

They say love is priceless
But finding, you cost me dearly
Though the are no regrets at all
Coz now I’m finding it really!
I’m finding true love exist
And my playa attitude
Which is about to exit

It cost me my concentration
Coz every time I close my eyes
I feel like closing my eyes
Will erase your memory in my mind, the memory I only see
When I close my eyes
It made me feel
The beat of my heart,
A contradiction of
What we as men reckons it,
When something amiss react you

Finding you
It’s like finding a fertile soil
As a ...

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Who Says I'M A Poet

Yes I write lines
And rhyme rhymes
I write puns
Simile alliteration
And all figures of speech
But who says I’m a poet

In some cases I write and scratch
Sometimes I think crack

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