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I Can'T Go To School Today

I can't go to school today
my fingers are as cold as ice
i will die
my hair is so messy it jummped off my head
i'm coughing so much it is like i am coughing up a storm
i have the flu
my dog ate my homework
i am a germ magnet
i'm going to vomit
my stomach hurts
i broke my leg
my throat is sore
i have no way to get there
it's my birthday
i only have one pair of clothes
i didn't eat my breakfast
my ear is ringing
some one is going to kill me
i can't go to school today

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the sea is blue
the sky is blue
why aren't you?

the tomato is red
the strawberry is red
why isn't your bed?

see that how the story goes
how it flows
i must say goodbye
before we die

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