Zvikomborero Chirema Poems

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Like Yesterday

Tell me mother, How not to forget
The memories gone by, when young and free
Dancing in the meadows, watching the sunset
Musing on all the things we are yet to see

On Your Wedding Day

Though with ink filled was the sea,
And with paper the sky was made,
Though hired the best poet ever to be,
And given all the time his life had,

Is This All That We Have?

Is this all that we have here?
You teach your little boy to walk
You teach him to walk away from you
Is this all that we have here?

Sweet Flattery

Sweet is flattery, Smooth like honey,
But there jealousy lies, pretense has made abode.
Wary I've been of an admirer's company
The critique I've welcomed, listened to every word.

Spirit Of The Brave

In haste doth the foe proclaim his victory
In mirth he cries, 'I sealed the brave in the grave! '
He gathers his friends, he boasts in his story
Can it be broken? It's the spirit of the brave

Unborn Child

The stars shine bright
We behold their splendor
But may the boys' light
Make their beauty waver

The Lord Will Fight

The Lords plans are a mystery
Whatever He has in store for Us
But assured we are are of prosperity
No matter of failures of the past

Am Not Worth Much

Worry not dear, I am not worth much
For you to fear, to try to please
A ruler of this kingdom, what value is such?
A simple man am I, after only thine heart.

Dear Writer

Too long in despondency I've been
Too long, dear writer I've craved indeed.
For I have but one small aching
Yet big so, ails my heart to bleed

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