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Poems of Rishabh Bidya

1. Beauty waits for none 12/8/2013
2. Happy New Year 1/1/2014
3. If I'd Be Richest On Earth 1/24/2014
4. Life seemed to be so good... 12/22/2013
5. Love At First Sight 1/14/2014
6. Merry Christmas! ! ! 12/24/2013
7. My Love 2/7/2014
8. One day when you fly 4/12/2014
9. Something 1/12/2014


Perhaps time will move on,
She'll be a memory someday.
I've hated trying to forget her,
and she has tried moving away.

To her it was just as bad
if not worse, this I knew.
Why was this destined for us?
We didn't have any clue.

[Hata Bildir]