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07 September 2016

'Forever is just a word but for the people who knows how to appreciate that simple word, there will be forever.'

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'Why You? '

There was a time
that I dreamed about you.
I asked myself, 'Why you? '
A smile appeared in my lips when I realized,
something deep in my heart,
what I really felt
about you.
I sat in a chair and accidentally saw your face.
A product of illusion
created by the mind.
Is this an obsession?
or just an unexplainable love?
Confused and afraid
'bout the answer of my question.
Shocked and dissappointed
at the same time.
I slapped myself
to wake up
from that wonderful illusion.
I don't want to keep it.
River flows sadly in my eyes
in the darkness of the night.
'Why should it be you? '
How many times have I asked myself.
I remembered the time
when someone told me,
'Don't fall for somebody too much.'
I closed my eyes
to erase that thought.
Realization hit me.
'You're not mine and I'm not yours.'
I whispered in the air.
I wanted to hide
just like the snail,
always bringing
his house, everywhere.
Time goes by
but my feelings didn't change.
It is always empty
like a white paper.
Memories with you
is like a movie
repeating in my mind.
Your eyes.
Your nose.
Your lips.
Your laugh is like a music in my ears.
Your gentle hand with mine,
saying something that I don't know.
When I woke up
I saw a window
shine like a diamond in the bright morning.
Now, I know the reason why.
Why you.

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