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If I were to unveil your definition
I would unveil the secret of water and life,
You came and brought me light in this gloomy prison
When I was sparking only on my strife.

O Life, O Life, O Life!

You are beautiful,
You give birth to my soul,
You blossom me wealth,
You nurture me health,

God Amen...

Am I cursed?
Is my spirit forced?
Is my angel lost?
GOD, am I worthy to trust? !

I'M In Lack Of Inspiration

I'm in lack of inspiration
And I search but can not find,
A suitable vocation
For this creation of the mind.

My Deathly Dream

I cry to die,
I die to fly,
My dream is high...
...a dream to try,

A Test

I am thirsty,
Of joy and hope,
And in my fancy,
I take on dope,

The Poet I Try To Be

The poet I try to be,
Is it me or just another's prodigy?
I try to explain,
I'm driving nuts out of my brain,

Alone, All Alone...

All alone, left all alone,
People come and go leaving behind just a widow,
Of past memories all gone,
All dressed for their own gloomy, funeral.

The Vagabond Dog

Scrambling for as little as little
Scratching on the remains of a bettle,
Corpses of living meat,
Forces of bearing wit,

The Warrior Of Time.

And he, the warrior of time,
Lives exiled in the winter, doth his spirit shines in April's prime,
Hereunder, burdened with wrinkling scales as armor
Seest life as a battle yet not won and victory yet not harbored.

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