Muzahidul Reza Environment Poems

Environment Is Getting Polluted (Bop Poetry)

Every day we come out of our home
We need go to respective places to do duties
At home or outside we feel serious problems
In living, breathing, eating, working;

Rare Stanza - Well Environment

RARe Stanza - Well Environment
March 9, 2020

Haiku - Saving The Environment Saving The Nature

Plant trees, save wild lives
Save environment, nature
Well days will come soon.

Blank Verse For Saving The Environment

To save wilderness and to stop abuse
Of nature and any of its resources
And any agent contains environment,
To stop the wastages of personal

Reza Syllabic Verse - Environment Pollution

Smokes got emitted much from factories,
Fuel consuming transports; fly dusts
In water thrown all the wastes
Then sound is too produced


Saving the environment, saving the nature
We can ensure our future life style better
Environment is we grow up having all where
Whose position is nowhere but in this nature;

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