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Harmful things, objects, elements, terms and conditions to self, to other, to
mankind, to creations, to creatures, to environment, to earth, to universe
and to any; again, weapons, wars, violence, chaos, crimes, corruptions,
hypocrisy, cheating, degradation to mankind cause him much shocked since
his early student life. Since his early stude ...

Muzahidul Reza Poems

Mediterranean Girl's War Phobia

Indoors by technology, outdoors by speedy transport
I travel the world
Today in Japan, tomorrow in Rome,
Next day by an ancient civilization or in Hawaii or Coast Ivory,

The Animal State (Imagery, Allegory And Satire)

No earthquake, no thunder, no volcanic eruption
Or even there was not any of other natural calamities,
A sudden loud sound broke out all through the bush
With whizzing, shuddering, cracking, tearing, echoing,

Let Love Be Universal - 1

As you see universally
There is a great fall
Let love stretch its hands being universal
To love and teach us to love all,

Out Of Feelings

desert sucks upper water to store in the deep
trees, plants, herbs and grasses are about to die
sunshine reflects on mirages there
mirages elude and mislead the travelers,

The Railway (Verse)

Modern Verse For The Railway
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Vertically they have gone to see the horizon

Muzahidul Reza Quotes

16 October 2016

We need real love To establish real peace As real peace origins from real love.

18 October 2016

Help one in need, You shall be helped in time from any side.

19 October 2016

Helping one in ill-doing, Felling self in corruption and crime.

26 October 2016

A strange circle is circling Some passing, some following and some starting,

28 October 2016

Overcoming Modern Troubles Need A Single Tackle Of Befriending

Muzahidul Reza Comments

Farnes Pini 22 January 2018

A poet writes for humanity is great, I want to thank you dear poet, I have read many of your poems and found uses of merits in proper ways, it is great, to me yours writings are always wanted

56 1 Reply
Dr Dillip K Swain 29 January 2018

Muzahidul Reza is an accomplished poet! His depth in English literature is commendable. I have read many of his poems replete with poetic devices which are extremely useful to the students and research scholars of English literature. Wish him a radiant future literary journey!

47 1 Reply
Sem Ralfh 23 September 2017

He is doing the works of great humanitarian from his great mind. I have read many of his works and seen: Early in the twenty first century morning No sooner had many got up and had breakfast Than began the eastern devastating and murderous storms Fiercely at speed and in powers Are lasting for long times non-stoppingly Murdering the victims and devastating the towers, The waves spread to the west, the north, the south And all over the world To shake all All are shaking yet. I will say it is great for the oppressed which are great heart's works

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D. Eti 26 November 2017

A poet is great in his / her writings / poems, how they present, what they include, and so on. From that aspects of view I see M. R. is a great humanitarian, nature, creatures, lover poet. I feel great interest in his writings

46 0 Reply
Sem Ralfh 06 February 2018

Muzahidul Reza is a great teacher of literature. His poems are motivational to well done, love for humanity, nature, creatures, creations. He has also invented a new form os poems namely Reza Syllabic Verse. It is a great invention I do think as he is a teacher of literature. I always read Muzahidul Reza's poems and learn much

37 1 Reply
Samia 02 October 2021

Your profile and works charm me very much, please, contact me

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Luciana Santiagoluciana 02 October 2021

Hi Nice to meet you after viewing your profile, contact me or, meet me

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Luciana Santiagoluciana 02 October 2021

Hi Nice to meet you after viewing your profile, good to read your writings

1 0 Reply
Samia 30 August 2021

Your profile and works charm me very much, please, contact me

2 0 Reply
Luciana Santiagoluciana 17 August 2021

Hi Nice to meet you after viewing your profile, contact me

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