Kumarmani Mahakul Flowers Poems

Grass Flowers Kissing Sun

No one is missing, no one is missing,
Every white grass flower is kissing sun,
Autumn sun is bright in day sky of love,
A fable of love is written in fest of joy,

Three Hundred Love Flowers

This beautiful morning sings
Cute sun rises and soon rings
The day has to bloom in noon
Father of heaven gives boon.

Mango Flowers Of Spring

Signaling the arrival of spring,
Before winter has left last step,
In many, many mango trees
Beside the highway in near filed,

Offering The Dew And Flowers

On this naturally fallen leaf in way
Flowers have fallen on are so pretty,
Autumn morning dew is singing,
Resting on leaf dew drops are shining.

Tween Flowers'gift

At this morning they have shown us
Sympathy is painted in yellow petals
Green leaves smile welcoming morning
Ants are busy in collecting nectar.

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