David Harris Ghosts Poems

Ghosts Of Loves Passed

The grey ghosts of loves passed
linger near us all the time
but cannot touch
the new loves growing vine.

Ghosts Of Our Past

Ghosts Of Our Past

We are haunted all the time
by ghosts of our past

Three Ghosts Of Christmas

There are three ghosts of Christmas,
which visit us each year.
One from the past,
one from the present

So Many Ghosts

Behind us are so many ghosts
of past lives we have lived
and each could generate a little
knowledge into our lives today

Yesterdays Ghosts

Everywhere I go;
there are the ghosts of yesterday.
They inhabit everything we see.
Their presence is felt

Last Ghosts Of Autumn

The threadbare weave of winter
comes after the last leaf of autumn
has only barely touched the ground.
A chill that inherits the air

The Ghosts Of Yesterday

When the ghosts of yesterday call.
Some of them we embrace
and some of them we reject,
refusing to let them in.

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