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I was born in England, but raised in Canada until I was fourteen. I came back to England where I now reside.
I started writing seriously at eighteen, firstly with songs, then drifted into writing poetry, short stories and finally novels. About six or seven year ago I gave up writing all together. It has only since joining PH in January 2007 tha ...

David Harris Poems

Just Beyond The Sunset

Just beyond the sunset
Someone waits for me
Just beyond the sunset
Lies my destiny


If we can not respect another
How can we expect them to respect us
If we can not respect someone’s beliefs
How can we expect them to respect ours

A Star Fell From Heaven

A birthday poem for my wife

A star fell from heaven
Into my arms last night

All Roads Lead Back To You

Some roads are rough and rocky
Some very narrow to get through
But whatever road I travel
It always leads back to you

A Little Hug

On days when the world
seems to be getting on top of you,
stop and look around,
give someone a little hug

David Harris Comments

Faded love letters: truthfull, sincere, simple (it`s a compliment!) , very seweet Laura

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Janet Peluso 01 September 2015

David, I am a member of the Walk to Remember committee at Hackensack University Medical Center. We would like your permission to use your poem Just Beyond the Sunset in our program in October. Please let me know if this is OK. Thank you. Janet Pelus

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Risha : Ahmed 15 March 2008

A real gentleman, with a heart of GOLD!

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Duncan Wyllie 07 July 2009

David is a excellent example of how a human can show true compassion and greatness of spirit! ! ! GOD BLESS YOU DAVID Love duncan x

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Heather Wilkins 30 October 2014

David is a great poet, Writing about many subjects. I enjoy his work

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zoe 01 February 2021


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zoe 01 February 2021


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zoe 01 February 2021


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Arpita ghosh 01 February 2020

Great poet

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acsaacac 27 January 2020

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