Ramesh T A İmmortality Poems

Only By Spiritual Life Immortality Can Be Achieved!

One life or many lives we may live but not eternal life in this world ever;
But the achievements we make will live eternal life to remind us to all;
That's why let us live enjoying bliss in Nature and leave the world in peace;
Realization of this great truth will surely make all live in love, joy and peace!

Legend Is Legacy To Immortality!

Let not defeats and failures make your heart heavy;
Let not successes and winnings make you head-weight;
Experiences of both make one mature and wise ever;
That way one can overcome and control both well sure!

The Immortality Of The Great!

Living life long does not make one great in the world;
Living with a great purpose and achieving it are best;
That too living long achieving a lot makes one great;
By that way one's identity is well known everywhere..!

Youth And Immortality!

Maintaining youth till the end of life is impossible;
So also, achieving immortality is impossible for all!
Man has achieved cloning of animals before human;
And is going on cloning human parts for replacement!


Immortality is the greatest dream since the time immemorial to man;
Scientific researches are going on by some somewhere in the world;
But on the other hand, new disease causing viruses are seeping out;
Researches for making new medicines to cure new diseases are on too!


All my poems are born from the love of Nature;
Nature has made me a poet for the world love;
Inspiration of Nature is endless ever for me...!
All poems created from my heart are wonder!

Is Immortality Possible?

Death is a destiny for the living beings;
Life after death! Yes, we believe there is!
But life after death we can’t say
What we will be like where as

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