About Us

PoemHunter.Com aims to spread the effects of poems in the social and individual life of people, where a continuous change is undergoing with the Internet. PoemHunter.Com without a pause, continues its activities with the active participation of thousands of members.

Visitors of the Site

Visitors of PoemHunter.Com are comprised of well educated people from all age groups, they have interest in cultures and arts, read books and have come to certain positions within the society. Results of surveys and the general trend we observe in the activities of the site show that visitors of PoemHunter.Com regard it not as an entertainment site but as a site of knowledge, culture and art and that they wish it to stay that way.

Distribution of the visitors of the site


Male      49.0%
Female      47.9%
Other      2%


<18      17%
18 - 25      15%
26 - 35      13%
36 - 50      18%
51 & up      38%


United States      %44.32
United Kingdom      %11.96
India      %10.86
Australia      %4.08
Canada      %3.81
Phillippines      %3.14
Others      %21.83

Statistics (November 2014)

Number of Poets      105,502
Number of Poems      1,223,953

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