RoseAnn V. Shawiak Storms Poems

Singing In Rain Storms

Singing in rain storms of life, recalling days of
happiness sublime, reliving times nearly forgotten
in cells of a mind.
Opening doors to enlightened horizons, reading

Mind Storms

Storm clouds drifting across my mind's sight,
indelibly etching their patterns and formations
in my brain.

Headed east, but wanting to go west to frontiers of country-western
music, hot arid weather, deserts and their fastidious mountains,
coming home throughout the years, learning more on each escapade.

Rising In Perfect Storms

Journeying through an existence that is filled with innate
knowledge and wisdom, rising so often in perfect storms of

Waves Of Interior Storms

Wailing into the darkness, guitars taking my heart into waves
of interior storms where I continue to drift about on the surface,
alone and thoughtful.

Loving Storms

Black clouds coming in fast across the sky, warning
us ahead of time that it will be raining and storming

Life's Storms

Holding onto life as it gently and quietly falls away,
taking with it, the innate talent I was born with.

Languishing in the after-affects of an illness,

Storms Of Death

Going through love, having a euphoric effect on hearts

Death coming along and causing love to be lost in a

Spinning Sand Storms

Showering life with an abundance of blessings, taking us
onto the surface of freshly created deserts.

Sand storms hit and fill earth with thick clouds of dust,

Storms Of Interior Darkness

Rocking the cradle of bereavement in time with rhythms of
even tempos.

Taking babies into arms and cuddling with them on lonely

Storms Of Thought

Strumming my heart softly,
letting me feel melodies docile touch
as I turn towards its emotional content,
knowing full well that it will hit me into storms of thought, recalling every second counted in all my tomorrows.

Storms Of Life

Fear latently hiding in storms of daily life -
afraid to look out and face itself.
Keeping close tabs on all activity, lest it
should escape - finding a way out of it's cocoon.

Inner Storms

Crashing with tumultuous waves of inner storms,
riding out blustery winds, tossing me about.

Storms Are Fun

Stormy seas tossing me about,
while watching skies turn blacker.
Feeling torrents of wind and rain
as they alight upon my head.

Storms Falling

Storms of lightening and thunder fall upon me as I write of life events.
Booming into the atmosphere, letting me know that I'm still alive and wanting to be met in love.

Storms Of Emotion

Reaching into storms of emotions, pulling them out into the light, wanting to know everything there is to know about them.

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