Francis Duggan Writers Poems

Amongst Writers

Amongst writers a scarce one is the millionaire
And even those who make a living out of writing to say the least rare
The stuff I do pen with others I freely share
In that way I am one of a majority of such I am aware

The Dead Irish Writers

John Millington Synge, James Stephens, Samuel Ferguson and Yeats
Still remembered today as Irish literary greats
George Bernard Shaw, Mangan, Oscar Wilde and Joyce
To say who was best of them such a hard choice.

In Writers Drought

There are times when most writers are in writers drought
When they cannot think of anything to write about
Their inspirational well has temporarily dried out
That in the writer can give rise to low self esteem and self doubt

It May Be Said Of Writers

It may be said of writers they are born not made
But every writer is needed in the wordsmith trade
Of the millions of writers only few make the grade
And so many from memory are quick to fade

So Many Great Irish Writers

No doubt Ireland's four Nobel Prize winners for literature were literary greats
Joyce, Beckett and Heaney and W B Yeats
Such beauty in their lifetimes in their words they did create
As World class writers with the best they does rate

The Famed Writers Of Millstreet

The famed writers of Millstreet the centuries they do span
Since the days of the Young Irelander Edward Walsh a renowned bardic man
He was from Doire it is said his bones in Cork City lay
Though Millstreet to him did seem home since he lived there for many a day.

Some Writers

Some writers write poems and stories and some writers write well
And even non writers have their own stories to tell
Of their lives adventures in an oral way
For to tell we all have our own stories as the wise one did say

Though The Prosaic Writers

Though the prosaic writers are known to succeed
The poet without music a poor one indeed
Without rhyme no music or memorable song
The rhyme in the words to the music belong

Most Writers

Most writers 'twould seem have moments of self doubt
But they never go short of things to write about
And to become a top writer of one a big ask
And to succeed as a writer for many seems too daunting a task.

He Has Writers Block At The Present

He has writers block at the present he cannot write poetry or prose
And he feels a bit sad about that but such is life one must suppose
But inspiration to him it will come one might say on it's own good time
Though not as inspired as he once was since he is past his writing prime.

If We Did Not Have The Bad Writers

I have written a lot but i have not written well
Such stuff as lovers of poetry dismiss as doggerel
As some like to say true poets are rare
Though that's something of which i am quite aware

It Is Said Writers Are Born

It is said writers are born and cannot be made
And very few writers seem to make the grade
And good writers get published though for some that bit too late
For everything does come to those who do wait.

The Writers Write Of It

The writers write of it and of it the singers do sing
The great gift of love is a wonderful thing
But that love can be temporary of such one must feel aware
And loves that do last a lifetime have always been rare

Why Talk To Me About Good Or Bad Writers

Why talk to me about good or bad writers I'm sure those paid to judge on such do have their say
And some say with some foundation literary critics themselves are not good writers anyway
Every writer started to write as an amateur and some through their writing prosper financially
Good luck to them I say and may they prosper and may their names live on in literary history

Addictive Writers

Like a hungry person with a voracious appetite
Have you ever felt the constant compulsion to write
Not for money or any sort of recognition or fame
Without any of these in mind you feel compelled for to write just the same

So Many Good Writers

So many good writers in the World of today
Who can only get their work published if for it they do pay
In a fair literary World it would not be this way
Perhaps it is not what you know but who you know as some do say

Writers Block

Amongst writers one often hear of writers block
As if in the writers brain there is some sort of a lock
For to lock out all inspiration from the mind for a spell
Of this writers do have some stories to tell

Like Billions Of Amateur Writers

Like Billions of amateur writers I pen more stuff every day
And of life as well as Nature always something for to say
The book of life the book of knowledge is surely not a lie
And we never do stop learning until the day we die

Few Writers Of The World

Few writers of the World do make writing pay
But most writers do write something new every day
In the hope of writing something that will live as great
Humans are born it does seem to create

It Is Said About Writers

Rhyming words in abundance and rhymers not few
Though in that i'm not saying anything that is new
But a beautiful rhyme makes a beautiful song
To be married to music for the pub sing along

Writers Block And Writers Drought

Despite writers block and despite writers drought
There is always something for to write about
Above the ocean a rainbow in the sky
A thing to inspire one to write when one's creative well is dry

Of Good And Bad Writers

Of good and bad writers we so often do hear
But in the comparing of writers it should be made clear
That writers whether they do or do not make the grade
Should all be seen as valued members of the Wordsmith Trade.

On Writers

Some are hobby writers and some do write for pay
But that they all help to make the wordsmith trade it does seem fair to say
And what constitutes good or bad writing why ask someone like me
Since I'm not a literary critic or do not have a literary degree.

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