A Waltz For Zizi

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'Long ago, those words of yours, freed me from the shackles of fate.'

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I Have So Many Stories To Tell You

Always looking back at you
from the other side of the street,
I never really forgot
how to love you.

Running after the same things,
I write to you on the bark of the trees
that bloom in the spring
in front of your house.

In the park, after you leave,
I sit alone on the bench you have rested
and mark the spot
with an X.

I take pictures of your footprints
and put them in frames on the walls of my room.
I walk behind you and inhale
the air that touches your lips.

I carry sandwiches with me, that I eat
at the same time with you, from the distance,
pretending we're on a date.
And for desert I fight the dogs for the bagels you throw.

I light bonfires and wave to you
pretending I'm Robinson Crusoe
and you Europe. I drink for the sole purpose
of having bottles in which to keep my promises.

I build wooden horses,
and leave them at your door,
pretending you are Helen of Troy,
and your cat is Paris.

When people speak to me, I just nod.
I keep all my words for you.
I sit on rooftops and watch the rain
kiss your shoulders, pretending I am the rain.

and sometimes in the bus stop
when you are not looking
I lay down on the ground behind you
and grasp the hand of your shadow.

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A Waltz For Zizi Popularity

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