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1. Born Again 7/9/2016
2. Collector Of Souls 7/9/2016
3. Future 7/9/2016
4. I Choose To Youtube 7/9/2016
5. I Had A Life 7/9/2016
6. If All Else Should Fail. 7/9/2016
7. Inside My Heart 7/9/2016
8. Lost 7/11/2016
9. Love Is A Calling 7/11/2016
10. My Last Witness 7/11/2016
11. Nothing Like Me 7/11/2016
12. Poem Number 1000 - Part One: It Has No Name 7/11/2016
13. A Broken Heart Sinking Beneath The Surface 7/9/2016
14. Accept Your Fate 7/9/2016
15. Poem Number 1000 - Part Three: Deeper And Deeper 7/11/2016
16. Something Beautiful, Something Ugly 7/11/2016
17. Pretty Ugly 7/11/2016
18. Beauty 7/9/2016
19. Poem Number 1000 - Part Two: Could Do Better 7/11/2016

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We admire beauty as we revere art;
We seek beautiful things to adorn our homes.
We crave to have an attraction on our arms,
So we can show our success to those who have none.

We want to love beauty;
We want a beautiful love.
We search for something purely pretty enough,
That it makes all else look so dull.

Her face lights up a room every time she smiles;
Her beauty is blinding and my feelings I cannot hide.
Her mind is an organ that needs stimulation;
Her hair an extension of that undeniable attraction.
Her beauty is ...

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Accept Your Fate

What time is this?
What age of man?
My body feels so broken.
What day is it?
What place is this?
I've nothing left to try; I have done all I could.

Who knows what will become of my life?

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