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Aaron Osgood Eliad has spent recent years residing in The Sad Sad Zoo with exactly six chihuahuas,3 snakes, a very sad bluebird and 3 million fireflies that keep him dreaming brightly all the time.

Aaron Eliad Poems

[cerberus Talks About Cars He's Going To Buy]

Cerberus talks about cars he's going to buy
with the pursuit of the american dream,
refrigerator, war on wars
and gilded bricks of zest

[donating Food Off Your Mouthwash Hands]

Donating food off your mouthwash hands
to iron blood drive
wipe crush hair
like the moon landing.

[mild Piece That I Am Yellow]

mild piece that I am yellow,
goloshed plucked and palookad
so treble I break from the dream of dead popes
luck that I like friending

[motor Of Thought Resident Boxes]

motor of thought resident boxes
think outside and collapse
highest concrete dust teeth
ridiculous hepatitis

[late For The Race]

late for the race
flirting with dead women,
her paper face wet with new ozone
cambodian girls.

Aaron Eliad Comments

Goldy Locks 29 January 2008

Eliad, you are sensational. best care ~ sjg

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