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how you compose what you organize is where the art comes in.

What lasts is the
interpretation of beauty

and not beauty itself


I am

Unhinged and uncanny
poetic and prolific

blindsighted by inhibition
curtailed by ambition.


Trailing her dissolving glory over each hard-won barricade -
Only to fade anew..

- ...

s./j. goldner Poems

21 And Rising

my words fill in blank memories,
while images of you stay fresh like ocean air—
weaved in my soul like the braids of my hair.

April Music

I'd like to spend
April, sitting on a hill,
With a mushroom for
a parasol and violets

A Rose In Birth

I'm a disgrace to the life
I lived as a girl—
she would be ashamed
to have me in the world.

Bird Girl

Some say I may just be
Stretching my wings.
“Oh don’t worry, she’s just
Stretching her wings.

3: 17 Am: I Have Just Realized

These poems have come
Without a bottle
A shot
A pint

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Mary X 30 April 2010

to the depths? oh wow! I find thee.

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Mary X 08 December 2008

in another world: the flower that I wish to pick in this world: the flower that I wish to grow

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Tony Fiona 25 June 2007

Brilliant controversial inciteful innovative or just plain great

1 4 Reply
Robert Howard 12 April 2007

Susan's work is filled with honesty and courage. She has an uncanny knack for precisely matching language and form to the content of each poem.

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Melanie Emiko 06 March 2007

She has a sharp eye for unpopular truths we tend to ignore when we aim for what's been known and accepted. her boldness and frankness without being obnoxious are marks of a true contemporary talent. she shares the words and thoughts that satisfy but she seem to own the souls of the stories...her works, intriguing. a pure wit, sensitivity to life, a strong connection to readers, and a true talent-a combination that explains why she’s soooooo good.

0 4 Reply
Mary 20 February 2021

And still enjoying.

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Mary 20 February 2021

Still reading.

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dsfsvsvds 27 January 2020

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Gordon R Menzies 17 November 2019

Concise, observant, thoughtful...Goldner flies past and leaves you with your mouth hanging open. Kept me reading.

0 1 Reply
Elliott Rosenberg 15 April 2019

hows you ego. Wha makes you special.

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