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What do you know about depression?
Tear stained thighs and inner lies
Walls closing in from every direction
Heart beating to the pace of your sorrow

The Quest

Life is a journey filled with countless plights
A dimension of darkness laced with glitters of light
Shadows and pain at every corner
Some win, some lose and some go even further

Aj & Kj

Our Anniversary marks the day when our hearts bonded and became one
The beginning of a relationship even the Gods look down upon
It's the day I knew who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with
The day I realized 'I love you' is no longer a myth

The Entity

An inescapable entity obsessed with progression
It bounds your existence with irreversible succession
The measurement of life, we are all slave to its will
The cessation of our being, the ultimate kill


Moonlight batters down on us as we lay upon a green paradise
The stars align, filling the darkess of the sky and imparting balance
Time stops in this moment granting us the privilege of eternal ecstasy
As our hands clench and auras resonate,

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