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The words were flowing….colliding….snapping
My erupt from the fountain of sorrow
The closed door….the few hard verses
The first surprising fountain……the smell of paint…the lilting of the rhythm

This open sky of my pictures
And no one look
This crowd dancing in the festival of my pictures
And no one look

There, ….. there is no sea, there is no blue

There is no wood in the foundations of the subject of the docks


who is breaking this arch of the blossoming sleepy under the eyelids?
Who is breaking in of this dream.... Rose.... And flooding on the shores of most sad longing and suffering and hardship......! !


The river is spreading a memory made by mud and small stones
alluvium... palm leaves

My icon of sorrows is in front of me and the dead bodies of days are
behind me

This … the reader in the silences valleys of wisdom hymns

Behind the wall of alienation there is a sound raising with screaming brutal
Ringing the bell with loose rope in the waking memory and forgetful memory
Behind the alienations glass with whisper…..with tears this child heart will broken
Drowning in tears... In the words of stone... and the bitter cup

Abdel-Aziz Haider

the boats are returning

The time and the wave are roaring …….and the time
Extends as a coast of myth fog
As bodies of the cunning sessions
As the bodies of the days dumped onto orthogonal to the city and the sea

O Little Tramp.... my poor heart

festivals of cranky and the ego flying as a smoke In the multiple

No thing is as this moment ….the pleasure is a newly born of the imagination
A baby of dreams
Who laugh…cry…smile…singing under the colored water of the life
All ways we are drinkers

Under the foot…. or exactly beside the large finger
the celebrated clan were sating in circle that will completes the circle of every things…………. all things
Goddess of wine. Lord of the poetry..., 'says not the sea

The time is crawling around the midday
and the nails under the heels are engraving in the head.
Heavy rain is taking the night and the day
the sea is cracking in the brain who is deeply interred in the grass
And the monkeys, which under the foot.

Forgotten sections


If this feline time leaves to me
Some papers
I will played calmly for the last role of the game
if this monster let me .. the time…. Played with a sly without wings

Drop from the café



Abdul Aziz Al Haidar

Braids are playing in the wind

Abdul Aziz Al Haidar 14/2/2010

Images of the city

Abdul Aziz Al Haidar
Men..... Women

Abdul Aziz Haider
Publication 1986 in the Journal of the Republic Baghdadiya

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When they open your eyes by the dangerous big operation When you saw all those sad faces of your people You were Crying until you became blind again)

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Around The Fountain

The words were flowing….colliding….snapping
My erupt from the fountain of sorrow
The closed door….the few hard verses
The first surprising fountain……the smell of paint…the lilting of the rhythm
I was a kid….I look forward open-mouthed
Lodging with surprise to old Picasso
Who a company with me to the school garden to draw the nature
In that day I filled with rain and the mature spring flowing in the leaves and the garden gate
Oh..sad fountain that
I do not see all my life
Where were you been, old man
Did you have to go all this distance?
To authorize you to enter the AI-strange Dictionary
Today I put the papers in front of me poem
Draw a tree professionally
And I feel what's behind the pace
Fishing the vocabulary with bullets of surprise and validation
I'm not a stranger to the word
No longer a stranger from the world
I'm now only son of the earth
In front of the sad fountain……..I sit? ? ? with silence…….or…..that is one thing
Because the words who are danced……shaping
Forming a choir..
Is it the last hymn to be always like this
You old…which child in you take you back again to your garden
Which soft hand…little hand take your hand
It is particularly encourage you to continue to walk
Slowly…..fear…but always amazingly

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AbdelAziz Alhaider Popularity

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