My Little Ragamuffin Poem by AbdelAziz Alhaider

My Little Ragamuffin

Rating: 2.7

O Little Tramp.... my poor heart

festivals of cranky and the ego flying as a smoke In the multiple

there is no place for you...!

in the parties of distribution of mummified bodies.... and the parties of Wake-up bodies

Suppose you are being...
Witness to the drowning in the last sin?

You.. my soft smile heart

who homelessly roam the misery eternal yards

heavily pushed vehicle with the

your tears always from sticky burned blood

You tramp

Masked or without mask

This is not your cirque..... no Children laughing here nor girls putting their hands on the surprising mouths

Here the game biggest than you... and as supposed in you.. Dear Child polite

the questions were died before you arrange them in your little mind

Oh, my big heart

How many your torn down files contain from desolated papers which repeated every time

O Little Tramp.... my poor heart

does not have Incense

nor prayer beads
And your anger voice unmasked with the trembled anger
Be greedy with your acrobatics steps and do not forget traffic rules of the walking with hands

Abdel-Aziz Haider (originally in arabic)
Baghdad 2010

AbdelAziz Alhaider

AbdelAziz Alhaider

within the time of the sad creation
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