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Do you wait,
to contemplate
upon the puddle
Before you jump,

I am the remnant
Of wars fought and lost
For reasons, that I know not
I remain, the others have perished

Sleep well, oh! Mother,
Thou hast won thyself, a ghastly prison
Even as life blooms all around thee,
As the good earth nourishes, all that is hers

I walk upon his grave,
The epitaph reads
'The man who would not submit,

The night owl sings to me,
a song of peace...
Verses of forgotten bards,
come to me, in unforgotten dreams

You have won my friend
The glory you so wanted, is now yours
My defeat was your need
My destruction, your necessity

We are strangers
The bond of blood survives,
Yet I know him not
Owner to that disembodied voice

Come now, hold fast!
For I do not think we will last,
this storm
It seems the form,

I travel in darkness
Not knowing the destination
Time and space are relative, they say
But for me, all is constant

My love
I cannot see,
how you seep into me
Your light

living in strange houses
Invite me,
for a cup of tea

Once I was afraid,
to speak aloud,
my beloved's name
Now i know not why,

A few minutes away,
from dawn's hour,
I meditate
My cellphone, still

God one day,
in a careless moment of contemplation
asked me
'Am i lost in your abyss, child?

I tore away,
a piece of wind,
from my shoulder blade

Your lot
may call me,
Hell's Child

My arrows travel deep into the night,
piercing frescoes of thought at dawn
Travel further, they shall, these shattered shards,
to intone lethargic delirium at midday

A million I's, live and die
in me, this moment
Each seeking,
the path to one another

The Only World
A Place,
Where we are free
Where every measure of breath,

I look down at my hands stained with blood
I killed my soul, i set it free
A soul which was once trapped within me
A murderer I was, I had killed my soul without cause.

Abhimanyu Raman Biography

I was born, i live, and someday i'll die.
All places, even this one, are temporary sanctuaries for my wandering soul.
Read my works if you really want to know who i am.

The Best Poem Of Abhimanyu Raman

Rush Hour Realizations

Do you wait,
to contemplate
upon the puddle
Before you jump,
into its midst?

Do you see,
all around you,
rushing off with speed
Yet are happy,
with your own slow pace?

Then i say,
the life you lead,
is true
And your search will see,
an ending......

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Apurba Aparajita 17 April 2010

sir, ur poems are so sentimental and it directly touches my heart...i have become a huge fan of your poems...the more i read your poems the more i get attached to your poems n get to know more about myself....i dont know much about poems but its the feel behind each poem which fascinates me abt poetry...i want to know more about u..coz i feel i cn both learn and share with u... contact me on- apurba_aparajita@yahoo.co.in

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Abhimanyu Raman Popularity

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