Murder Of My Soul Poem by Abhimanyu Raman

Murder Of My Soul

I look down at my hands stained with blood
I killed my soul, i set it free
A soul which was once trapped within me
A murderer I was, I had killed my soul without cause.
We were one, my body and my soul,
and now i will never be whole
I am just a piece of flesh and blood now
A murderer, a tag from which i cannot escape,
a gaping hole which i cannot tape
With blood-shot eyes I stared at the boatman,
carrying my dead soul to the other side of the world
Alone i sat there, with half of my dead self
What good was a body without a soul
The dry blood on my hands reminding me,
that i was responsible for my own destiny
I'm sorry god, for i have sinned
Murdering my half, what was i thinking,
now my primitive body sinking
I shudder to think of living the rest of my life without a soul
no, i don't think my life will ever be whole

At any time, of day or night
There was within me, a light
Something that showed me the way
Something that kept the darkness sane
Now it's gone, i do not know what I've done
My work, my truth, my life, have been undone
Help me God, from the high heavens
I cannot walk so anymore, among my brethren

(Written In Collaboration With Sneha Murali. She is also a poet in poemhunter)

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