Abhinav Maurya

Abhinav Maurya Poems

1. I Slept All Alone 1/8/2018
2. You Beauty, Purple 1/11/2018
3. A New World 1/11/2018
4. Door Bell Rang 1/11/2018
5. First Love, The Crap You Sold Me 1/13/2018
6. Who Am I To Despise Thee? 1/16/2018
7. What About Her? 1/18/2018
8. The Woman 1/20/2018
9. She Had A Bad Dream 1/30/2018
10. A Glimpse Of Thee 2/11/2018
11. How Long Can I Wait? 2/15/2018
12. A Morning Thought 6/18/2018
13. The Lamp Of Night 6/18/2018
14. Dam Of Thoughts 6/18/2018
15. I Love The Way You Respond - A Love Day Paradox 6/18/2018
16. Love And Lust- A Cool Fool 6/18/2018
17. Happiness 7/8/2018
18. To My Daughter 1/8/2018
19. High In Love 1/8/2018
20. Life And Art 1/8/2018
21. Who Knows? Who Cares? 1/8/2018
22. Thy Greenery, And Deserted Me 9/8/2018
23. In Thee, I Submerge 11/28/2018
24. My Life 1/8/2018
25. Walking By Fields After A Foggy Morning 8/21/2018
26. Trying To Explain Love 1/8/2018

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Trying To Explain Love

Love is neither constant nor singular. It's a changing variable and sometimes plural. Explained by nature in a clean sky tropical rainforest. Dew making drops, and fall of drops 'the sound'. Soothing to ears in one and multiple counts.
It says, fascinate but don't fixate. Enjoy the life as it comes and gets.
Love thyself, and thou shalt be loved, again & again.

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To My Daughter

Thou changed my life, the moment thou hold my finger with thy little hand. While in infant sleep, how did thou understand? No worries, so peaceful, wrapped up in softness, like a fairy, spreading joy with thy magical wand. Seemed so unreal, yet real, Ah! you poor little thing 'charm'. Thy bubbly cheeks, as I flicked; jello of jolliness ticked. Thy wondering eyes, wobbling in surprise; and suddenly closed, seemed gone in deep analyze.
A kiss on thy forehead, enjoy heaven of dreams my rosebud. I

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