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I Needed You

Abi, you are a screwed up little girl
and you know it dont you
you push anyone away who wants to be there
you think you're all independant living without a care

Fixing My Heart

i was just wondering
if you could hear my heartbreak i my voice
if you could see it in my eyes
feel it in my soul

A + N

Some things go together
Stick like glue
Me and You
The bee and the honey

I Can'T Love You

don't ever crawl back
don't come begging on your knees
you should've known
none of the other girls would want you

Run For Imortality

Run, run, run
runaway with me
run, run, run
to somewhere hot in the sun

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Abi Whitaker 03 June 2012

Hi guys there was a few problems and I had to create a new account.this page is my old account and I can't add anything anymore.im commenting from my new account where im still posting poems.if you added me on my old account, add me on my new one. :) thanks

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