Aboul-Qacem Echebbi Poems

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To The Tyrants Of The World

Hey you, the unfair tyrants...
You the lovers of the darkness...
You the enemies of life...
You've made fun of innocent people's wounds; and your palm covered with their blood

Defenders Of The Homeland

O defenders of the Homeland!
Rally around to the glory of our time!
The blood surges in our veins,
We die for the sake of our land.

The Will Of Living

When people choose a noble and worthy existence
The Fates will accordingly respond
Gloom of night will lift and vanish
Fetters will break open

The Thunder Song

In the silence of the night when
The universe adheres to godliness
Wishes disappear behind serenity
The thunder muttered a chant

Chant Of The Herder

Morn breaks forth singing to the delicate life always.
While the hills still dream in the shadow of thick boughs all days.
The flakey north wind shakes the dried flowers leaves.
Yet the light swings inside the dark valleys spreading its rays.

A Mother's Heart

O dear child, whose life was a charming melody,
A pure white rose, wafting its fragrance at colorful sunsets!

Write Out Loud

I wish I can live this life in my solitude and isolation
spending my days in the mountains and the woods
between the pine trees, not having worldly cares that
can shift the self from listening to the soul

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