Chant Of The Herder Poem by Aboul-Qacem Echebbi

Chant Of The Herder

Morn breaks forth singing to the delicate life always.
While the hills still dream in the shadow of thick boughs all days.
The flakey north wind shakes the dried flowers leaves.
Yet the light swings inside the dark valleys spreading its rays.
Morn comes nicely, its lights covers the faraway lands.
Birds, flowers, and river waves cheerfully flap their hands.
The lively world has awakened chanting to the life.
Follow me my sheep and wake up my lambs.
Follow me my sheep between those flocks of birds hither.
Fill the valley with bleating, merry, and cheer everywhere.
Hear the canals' soft murmuring, and exhale the perfume of rose.
Look at the valley the luminous fogs covers it thither.
Pick up the grasses of the ground and herd on its new pastures.
Hear my reed pipe chants sweet tones between this verdure.
A tone comes out of my chest as flowers breath.
It ascends as the flying chanted nightingale out of the door.
If we are in the midst of valley and the trees cover us soever.
Pick what you want of that fruits or grasses or whatever.
The sun nurses it by its rays and so does the moon.
At daybreak, thriving with dews turns to be best fodder.
Play and dance on valleys or above hills as you want.
Kneel and rest at its verdant shadow if you halt.
Chew the herbage; digest your thoughts in the mute shadows.
Hear the noisy winds between the peaks diversely chant.
In forest, there are sweet flowers and grasses look good.
Bees chant around it on joyfully as it could.
Never these herbs were spoiled by wolves' breath.
Foxes neither approached there nor trod
Peace, charming, shadows, and sweet scents display adaptation.
Gentle breeze blows quietly at every direction.
Besides boughs, enjoy the dancing of light at ease.
Evergreen plants never dry on each circumstance or condition.
You will not tire in that shadowy forest my sheep.
The forest time is similar to a nice child grapples to leap.
And the people time is similar to the depressing face of old man.
Restlessly walks in these plains deep.
You are free on pasture inside the forest eat or lay.
Until sunset, it is my choice to chant or play.
But, when the shadow extends and the herbs become unseen.
Follow me to the home again in the same way.

Translated by:Mohammad Mahmud Ahmad
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