Abu at-Tayyib al-Mutanabbi

Abu at-Tayyib al-Mutanabbi Poems

1. We Visit Dwellings We Did Not Love Its Views 9/13/2013
2. Softly Do Town Girls 1/7/2014
3. Spare Me To Win 1/7/2014
4. I Cried Until I Almost Make You Cry 9/13/2013
5. Fie'Ry Rashness 1/11/2014
6. At Times In Bedu Tents 1/11/2014
7. Face With Cool 1/11/2014
8. No Indolent Dreaming 1/7/2014
9. Secrets 1/7/2014
10. Grave Harm 1/7/2014
11. Shoreless 1/11/2014
12. Foot Of Al-Khidr 10/12/2013
13. O, The Lover's Caravan Camels 9/9/2013
14. Defiantly Live 1/7/2014
15. One By Sixth Or Sixth By One 9/9/2013
16. Cowards 1/11/2014
17. Misfortune's Arrows 1/11/2014
18. Though A Noble Lady 1/11/2014
19. Dark Is The Day 10/12/2013
20. Our Dead We Mourn 1/11/2014
21. Anyway Festival's Day You Come 9/13/2013
22. When My Hands 1/7/2014
23. A Young Soul 9/9/2013
24. Until Our Love Was Honored I Concealed It 10/12/2013
25. A Charger's Saddle 1/11/2014
26. Sleepless Over Sleepless 9/9/2013
27. Beautiful Women 1/7/2014
28. Night Fell 10/12/2013
29. A Face To Face Encounter With A Lion 10/28/2013
30. My Tear Responds 9/9/2013
31. To Sayf Al-Dawla 9/9/2013
32. Courage 1/7/2014
33. My Heart Is Aflame 10/23/2013
34. Strong Resolves Come 4/14/2014

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Best Poem of Abu at-Tayyib al-Mutanabbi

My Tear Responds

My tear responds, but the inviter is only the resound of ruin appealing.
Hearing the inviter, my eyes shed tears before camels' caravan marching.
I sat between my fellows occupying on my tears wiping.
Yet the tears continuously shedding within excuses or blaming.
I complain the agony of distance, gain nothing but only fatigued.
They had experienced on my pain and they become astonished.
The status of a lover, who lives hopefully forward,
Better than whom was hopelessly had felt awkward.
It is impossible to visit her either slain or died.
She lives on an ...

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Foot Of Al-Khidr

Your wholesomeness, Ibn Ibrahim, is the purest
liquor; you drink to it with drunkenness's blend.
I watched the wine as it filled the glass & likened it
to the sun by the moon by the sea;
even when we don't observe its generousness, it's there -
far or near, moving with the foot of Al Khidr.

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