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It’ s small things

That make big things

Sprang from the bands of a rainbow

The very heart of a magnificent meadow

Write me a beautiful poem
And I Promise you I'll read it
For a million eternities I'll keep it
In my bloody heart and thorny hands

Once beneath a time
So deep into the mysteries of life
And just as shallow as it could not hide
I came to know of this boy so fine

Smile of a ghost
Strapped in to the metals of life
Eons in the distance, your spirit beside
And it is the smile that haunts me still

The sound of rain upon the leaves

Breaks the silence in my heart

An angel i met

No! ‘ twas a seraph instead

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World In An Atom

It’ s small things

That make big things

Just like atoms

Make everything

Or as bits make bytes

It’ s the tiniest parts

That constitute a giant

It’ s a kiss in the morning

Before dashing to work

It’ s a family dinner together

With delightful conversation

It’ s quality family time

To brighten your kids’ lives

It’ s a visit to your in-laws

To wish them lives so long

It’ s a Friday night massage

On a stressfully painful back

It’ s a midday “ I LOVE YOU” call

On a hectic day at work

It’ s a faithfully hearty smile

When your eyes meet after a while

It’ s a flower or candy surprise

Ever other time

It’ s an ear lent

To your mate’ s mess

It’ s a picnic in the park

Sometime in the month

It’ s a relaxing vacation

With total devotion

It’ s a candle-lit dinner

When life’ s light seems to flicker

It’ s a visit to the cinema

To relive your youth forever

It’ s watching a sunset

In your mate’ s warm arms

It’ s a play on the sands

To cool down your nerves

It’ s romantic sex

Not ever on your bed

It’ s getting through hard situations

Together lifting each other’ s conditions

It’ s all these that make up

The strongest bonds in the world

And unforgettable magical moments

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Abu Imran Popularity

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