Muzahidul Reza Acrostic Poems

Bangladesh (Acrostic)

Bangladesh - An Acrostic Verse
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
B angladesh, a delta plain country on the Bay of Bengal is geographically,

Kumarmani Mahakul (Acrostic)

Keeping pace with all he goes
"Ultra" using to him is needless,
Man of up to date for lore spontaneously
Amicable is he above all,

Matter Acrostic

Matter Acrostic
February 22, 2021

The Abc (Acrostic)

Allah is only One, to believe this known Oneness;

By the envoys this message has come to the world;

Ring Tone (Acrostic)

Ringing will go on
In every moment
No stopping system
Goes to stop it,

Evil (Acrostic)

Evil powers and agents
Very powerful assert,
Ill intention
Levels all well with all ill.

Wickedness (Acrostic)

W ickedness!
I ll done the actions
C rooked in hands
K indless in mind

Bangladesh - 2nd Acrostic

Bangladesh - 2nd Acrostic
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
B-angladesh where blessings have gifted unique features to its

Example (Acrostic)

E x and pre happened even currently happening
X enotransplantational or xenobiotical may be
A nd may be from
M ulti-level things, beings or facts

Frog (Acrostic Verse)

F-reely living liking animal eats harmful insects in farmers' land
R-uns, jumps, swims in the water of lake, canal, pond;
O-bnoxious humans are but great threat to it
G-aining black money they are trafficking it.

Hero (Acrostic Stanza)

Hero is the person or organization helps others in troubles,
Especially who are being oppressed and deprived of rights;
Redoing mentality of all wrong doings in society possesses,
Organizes all good ceremonies with manners and patience.

Picnic The Acrostic Verse

Picnic The Acrostic Verse
November 19, 2020

Super Moon Boon (Acrostic Verse)

Super moon sounds really wonderful
Unusually but truly it happens once after every hundred and fifty two years
Presenting a nice, clear, celestial figure
Ever and ever in the earth it is remarkable

Earth - Acrostic

EARTH - Acrostic
March 6, 2020

Tiger (Acrostic)

Triple in energy and
Instant in attack,
Geared up in hunting
Especially in hungry time,

E. T. I. (Tercet In Acrostic)

E-very day's activities will be well done
T-ime table setting must be one of the conditions
I-f in mind the ambitions for true developments are found.

Acrostic Octave

A-crostic, a great form of writing poems
C-onsidering all forms, it seems to be easy
R-eaders and writers that both know,
O-nly the order of the letters of taken word

T. H. E. Y. (Acrostic)

Termination in truth is now in questions
Honesty by dishonesty is mingled
Entangled and they are about to fully fall,
Yellow color is turning into red

Mind (Acrostic Ode)

M -y mind, remind me motion and emotion I need in time
I -n me you memorize, remember too much happening, happened
N -umber one reliable source of mine
D -aring I expect your acting, dear mind!

Dream (Acrostic)

D ay and night go on thoughts in brain
R ise imaginations in brain and mind
E ncounter thoughts and imaginations
A long conflict there does start

Amor (Acrostic)

A lways being chooser
M ay be staying far
O ver sea, ocean, river
R egularly in mind feelings appear.

Evils (Acrostic)

Evils laugh defeating
Virtues now every time, then
Ill intentions as violences, wars, crimes, corruptions spread
Liberal powers get choked

Devils (Acrostic)

Devils' consultations come
Evils every point form with
Violences, wars, crimes, corruptions, horrors, terrors
Inflicting everywhere,

Devils And Evils (Acrostic)


Devils' consultations come
Evils every point form with

To A. M. Saikat Reza (Acrostic Verse)

To A. M. Saikat Reza (Acrostic Verse)
9 November,2018

Aye! You,

The Pastoral - Acrostic

The Pastoral - Acrostic
February 24, 2020

Opportunity (Acrostic)

On a sudden, a chance comes
Perhaps, to the needy,
Perhaps, to the seeker of chance
On the other hand, who get it suddenly,

First (Acrostic)

First - Acrostic
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

F - irst you have been; welcome; but, now

Emotion (Acrostic)

(Emotion - Acrostic)

Every active vein gets
Motion in blood low or high,

Name - Acrostic

NAME - Acrostic
March 6, 2020

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