Rookie (20/04/77 / Salford)


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9. It's Funny How 5/22/2013
10. Trust 5/22/2013
11. Anger My Friend/Enemy 4/1/2011
12. I Miss You Dad 4/1/2011
Best Poem of ADAM OWENS

I Miss You Dad

I miss you 
I miss the sunshine
The way your eyes crinkled at the corners 
When you laughed
When you used to tell me
It would all be fine

You were always so stoic
You never let anyone hurt me
And you bestowed in me
The gift of your strength

At the end I told you I loved you
Did you hear me Dad
Did you know I was there
I miss you so much..
But your memory lives on 
Like the sunshine…

If only I could have one more chance
To say I love you Dad
But I know in your heart you knew 
My memories live on in my heart
Like the ...

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