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pain heals with time
scars come with pain
love can heal a scar
still it takes time to attain

I know your busy and you’ve got things to do
All I ask is for a little time to love you
Our time is short between your parents and school
I just wish your life would give me time to love you

i write to feel free
to let my mind and heart be in sync
i write to breathe
with the air supply to breathe deep

One day it can be you and I
We could finally set free the feelings inside
When we are together it will be more than enough
After all, there’s nothing worse than caged love

ive got nothin to give this world
and nothing from it i want to take
for now ill just live in this world
until something shakes me awake

our hearts make us who we are
i feel the sin in mine
our deeds are our masks
and I've a grand disguise

never slow down
to slow down is to feel
don't slow down
keep moving

when im at work im on autopilot
when im alone i turn off inside
i dont know where to go from here
its like my heart has finally found a place to hide

pain is a weapon of self destruction
pain should be kept to yourself
wave it around for others to see and your only generating more pain
pain for sympathy?

my mind is busy
worked hard, the night is with me
not sure if the fight is in me
and i cant tell if the fire's empty

ive never found it
the thing that can get me to love myself
that will put my heart at ease
even with a beach and a breeze i dont feel free

When your on fire, everything is well
when you calm down
is when love puts you under its spell
and when it ends, you fade

I hear that song and close my eyes
fade. And float on the notes
theres a light heart full of hopes i cant remember
its imperfections gone; unhindered

Its better to have remorse than regret
And reap the best benifits of a risk, better yet
As years go by and mistakes pile up
I find it oddly easier to lift a smile up

Dead things come back to life and haunt me
Memories taunt me
Playing an endless loop of how life could be different
If I hadn't met someone or made a different decision,

Purify my filth
And burn away my pain
I'll be okay when I no longer
recognize your name

Through painful truths and empty winds
sits a guy with scars on the mend
this kid learns things the hardest of ways
and due to that he has seen the darkest of days

Sweet serenity this night,
the fourth of july,
lift my spirit high
as beauty lights the sky

love vs happiness
they aren't the same
but its not one or the other
there is an order to things


simple enough questions
recieve complicated answers
those complex answers feed on me like cancer
thus i dodge my own mind

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im adam. my writings dont reflect me as a whole but only a part of me that is captured in a moment where i can express my emotions. thats what poetry is about to me.

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Pain, Scars, Love

pain heals with time
scars come with pain
love can heal a scar
still it takes time to attain

some scars cant heal
but we can learn to cope
and if you have love
there is always hope

you can try and bury a scar
but it's like putting make up over wrinkles
hiding it can only go so far
the scar prickles and tingles

hiding gets you nowhere
in pain and in love
dont hide, even if your scared
just remember the info above

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Miranda Stoltz 27 June 2010

Your amazing baby, and i love you very much :)

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Kayy Vida 19 May 2010

I agree :) A dork. A dork is what you are :) lol.....add me on facebook :) My name on facebook is KaylaTerese Mangelo.

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Miranda Stoltz 11 February 2010

Ha, your a dork is what you are. (: A fun, silly, creative dork. Lol.

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Sydney Bryenton 26 January 2010

ur poems r great! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! lov them :) u r a really good poet :) keep riting :) :) :) : p

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