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1. Winter Scene 10/16/2011
2. Her 10/19/2011
3. The Job 10/22/2011
4. Sometimes 12/26/2011
5. To Look 1/16/2012
6. Confrontation 1/27/2012
7. Failed Comfort 2/3/2012
8. Missing 2/6/2012
9. From The Void 2/10/2012
10. Empty 2/20/2012
11. Greater Than Love 3/13/2012
12. Discreet 3/20/2012
13. Paradox 3/20/2012
14. Earned Arrogance 3/25/2012
15. Tomorrow 4/13/2012
16. Weight 4/30/2012
17. Farther 5/15/2012
18. Disagree 7/14/2012
19. Unfair 9/29/2012
20. Shimmer 10/3/2013
21. I Held My Tongue 10/9/2011
22. Noble Failure 10/10/2011
23. Audition 10/15/2011

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Everyone knows their lines
They're bustling in the background
I'm trying to keep up
Just fake it a while
Pretend to do it in style
Insincerity with a smile
The act might get tired
But by then you'll be hired
This will all fade away
The fears, they'll be kept at bay
But just for a little longer
The faking can't last forever
It won't make it through every endeavor

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I wanted to take her by the hand
Tell her what she meant
But she was fading from sight
And what gave me the right
That I should say what I feel
She's not even real
Just an image quickly gone
In my dreams she's always leaving
She's gone so quickly

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