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Fire is good,
i tend to put my hands
and it burns.

In this world,
the dream of the past
hunting the present
trying to drawn the feotus

If I try to,
I can't be the fire.
Very good and destructive in anger
but can be tamed

It is you,
no you caused it.
They did it
we should do this.

looking at them,
we are all staring
doing nothing
not because we don't know what to do,

It was the day
i lie idle
that my eye caught you.
And causing uneasiness

Loneliness decends my soul
and fist joy i felt.
Not until i got to know,
that am already breeding maggots.

Come listen to me.
I am the preacher boy.
Let me tell you your doom...

That the world,
like the sky and moon wil dwell
and less tears,
waters the seeds of pain.

Tell me?
Cos my grave it is bring closer to my house.
The very reason, idea, the meaning
and may be the who too

Why call on God?
When we failed to help him
praying with tears and ulcer stomach.
Running from mountain to hill.

Any time i opened the window of the past,
though warned not to again
for my health.
My mind flashes like the rays of light

I beg you,
don't get her cheap.
If you do,
she will make you cry.

Unclip my wings
i want to fly again.
The greatest,
known for strenght, speed and accuracy.

At the river side,
the thought came.
Alas! It was of you.
Thinking of how well we fought together

Let me take it from here my lady.
Like Peter and Paul
at the beautiful gate
i might not be able to offer.


You speak words,
yet you have no mouth.
You think fast,
but you have no minds.

I am a night walker,
yet, i am not a bat
neither am i a vampire.
It is the survival

Adeola Babalola Biography

I was born into the most caring and lovely family of mr and mrs Taiwo Babalola on the 26th of august 1990. Attended Oyemekun Grammar School Akure. Currently studing law at the Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Akoko, Ondo state Nigeria.)

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The Fire

Fire is good,
i tend to put my hands
and it burns.

Never start that fire,
if you do, many might be left orphaned.
Many more will starve.
And that woman there,
you might not see again.

Don't start it.
That i myself knows not,
what fate would give me.
Because, he has not choosen to be my friend sometimes.

So, when you choose for us,
watch it!
That you might not cause more harm than good.

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Adeola Babalola Popularity

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