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The Bride

As the church bells begin to ring

So the cathedral lark starts to sing

The wooden doors burst wide open

And the bride, beneath her veil, is curtained

Her cheeks are pink

The blushing bride

Her smile she does not try to hide

Her long, brown hair

Glistening in the wind

Her eyes are happy

O, she smiles from within.

O, but does she know

The misfortune that is to be her woe

Does she see? That is, of this -

Or in her joy, the obvious she will miss?

Does she not see?

The rotten dirt she is to marry

Can she not tell?

That it is to abuse and suffering

Her soul she is about to sell.

This very young lady

One so pure, gentle, fair

Is about to be ripped apart by grief,

Violence and despair.

She will be treated as an object -

No choice, freedom, or life

Those who deny deny the fact

That has been proven worldwide:

All the descendants of his tribe

Have that nature, that which,

In their hearts, it sits

For they believe Eve was from their side

And so do to her as they deem fit

They despise and hate

Those they see as immoral

And believe they will die by the hands of Fate -

Rejoicing at their funeral

They claim themselves to be so pure

Clean and free and free from sin

Yet they take joy at Lucifer's fall

And treat him as their king.

They are blind, for they feel

The 'confused' are so sinful

That they are nothing more than Hell's tool

But are they not, by their actions, ten times more evil?

To them, prejudice, discrimination and abuse

Are rightly godly things

And the 'confused' who do no such sins

Are horrible, ghastly, unworthy beings.

But those of the 21st century

Deny this fact - they take no heed

But to their heels they take to find some means

To prove themselves right, justified and believed.

So I do pray

That you may take advice

Unlike the innocent bride

Who will, inevitably, succumb to their vice.

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