Adrian Max Rodman Poems

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I want to play an instrument that doesn't exist
Because the ones that do were scratched off my list

The woodwinds blew me out of the water

I Have Psychology Too

I have things on my mind
I have an old friend who I thought wanted to talk to me
I don't know what to do or say
And all I want is to do is put my feelings away

To Lacey

People gaze with fear and worry
At the almost nefarious assumption
But the way you don't jump to conclusions
And look before you leap

The Superhero Is The Secret Identity

Standard heros have a secret identity
On of which they hide

When I keep my identity a secret


Books are nostalgic
Which one will you pick
If you think you chose wrong
It's okay just do it again

The Sky

The moon beams
The sun sleeps
All is well

Achievement Get:

If your achievements stacked on each other
Would they crush you
Or would they make you short

The Burning Sword

My name means Fiery Sword
Blazen Brazen Forgotten
When I close my eyes I still see it

Va noobick si uh kreatar hii gib wings si ad revy voovoo groans foh temsys. Kie chat, vie jedicez fi kie bultel chatis si ronb. Va hoomans done mow white va noobick si aggression winter yold soo tith ro soo pah't ro soo piz ad ace rewlo sthgir. Noobick si niteg hooman! Which dink fo noobick chust which ti du? Va kreatar si niteg soo rant, os hooman yold ti ad yold ti soo niteg lief.Ti yoldis noobick 'Voo' ad 'Woo' ad 'K'Zoo', tub va manseen bur niteg yun-fun.

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